About Streamline Social


Connecting you with people, places and resources to increase your social capital.


Capital (noun): anything that helps build, run or grow your business.


Our goal is to make technology and social media easy for anyone to execute, understand and utilize through education, social media management, and content creation so it works for you. This includes AI, automation, digital marketing, websites, branding, and other tech.


We offer services through consulting, educational workshops, seminars, program creation, event and conference production, and much more. 


Whether you just need some guidance to do it yourself or want us to take care of it for you, we will streamline your path to success.

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Megan Garmers

As a business consultant and sales/marketing strategist with experience spanning over the last 2.5 decades in multiple industries internationally, Megan is passionate about de-mystifying tech solutions like social media, automation and AI and help businesses do more with less to increase revenue, impact and engagement online and in-person.


Her experience and network in the wedding, beauty and fashion industries along with the business world provide a unique blend of understanding what content and platforms resonate with audiences for effective marketing strategies.

Daniel Doyle

With 15 years in Manhattan real estate and over 30 years in the music and entertainment industry, Daniel understands the importance of clear messaging that both educates and entertains.


He brings his sales and marketing expertise to the team helping businesses strategize and think outside the box to get extraordinary results.

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